Improve Your Smile With Invisalign
By Dr. Jonathan Stone
March 26, 2019
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Invisible BracesWould you like a beautiful, straight set of teeth and feel confident when you smile? Invisalign aligners can deliver all that and more as they move teeth into healthier positions, and do it discreetly. In his Wayne dental practice, Dr. Jonathan Stone uses the Invisalign system with many of his teen and adult patients. Would you like to know more?

Problem smiles

Maybe your teeth are healthy, but you wonder, will they stay that way? You've read that crooked teeth get more cavities and gum disease simply because they are difficult to clean. The American Dental Association says that bite problems change how you chew and even how your speak. Then, there's that jaw pain. If you don't correct your bite, how will that pain feel in five years, or 10?

Wonder no more, and go see Dr. Jonathan Stone for an Invisalign consultation in his Wayne office. Dr. Stone treats a whole host of orthodontic issues such as overbite, cross bite, tooth tipping, gaps, crookedness, and more. A specialized Invisalign scan tells the dentist if these crystal clear aligner pairs would work for you.

The advantages of Invisalign

The aligners come in pairs numbering 18 to 30. You wear them according to a custom-made treatment plan, changing them to the next pair every two weeks. Dr. Stone checks on your progress via dental visits spaced one month apart.

Amazingly, the aligners are completely unnoticeable and non-irritating. They don't impact how or what you eat, and you just take them out to clean them and to brush and floss. Tightly fitting over top and bottom teeth, Invisalign aligners don't mar your speech, and they don't irritate the inside surfaces of your lips or cheeks as traditional metal or ceramic braces do.

Finally, your treatment time is very short--an average of one year for most teens and adults. However, the aligners must be worn 20 to 22 hours per day for your new smile to finish on time.

Who can get Invisalign aligners?

Very difficult orthodontic problems always will need metal braces. However, literally millions of people have qualified for Invisalign over the past two decades. So, it could well be that you qualify, too.

Find out more

Don't leave your oral health and smile appearance on some unfulfilled wish list. Come see Dr. Jonathan Stone, and talk to him about what Invisalign could do for you and your smile. Call the office in Wayne, PA, today at (610) 687-0505.


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