Be Proud of Your Smile
By Dr. Jonathan Stone
November 16, 2017
Category: Oral Health

How teeth whitening from your dentist in Wayne can make you want to smile againteeth whitening

Are you ashamed of your smile? Do you try to hide your teeth whenever you smile? If so, it’s time to be proud of your smile again. You can have a smile to be proud of, thanks to a professional teeth whitening treatment. 
Dr. Jonathan Stone in Wayne, PA wants to introduce you to your new smile thanks to professional teeth whitening.

Your teeth can become stained from things you eat, like blueberries and other highly-pigmented foods. They can also become stained from things you drink, like coffee, tea or red wine. If you use tobacco products, you probably already know how tobacco can stain your teeth.

One of the main causes of a dull, yellow smile is normal aging. That’s because as you age, your tooth enamel becomes thinner and more transparent, and you can see through to the layer underneath, called dentin. The dentin layer is naturally yellow, and gets even darker yellow as you get older. The overall effect on your smile is not good. Your smile will get more yellow and dull as the years go by.

You can change your smile back to a more youthful, brilliant white. You can get rid of the stains from bad habits and be proud of your smile again! Professional dental whitening is what you’ve been waiting for.

Dr. Stone offers two effective options to whiten your teeth, each with its own benefits. Consider:

In-office whitening if you want a dazzling smile in a short period of time; in-office whitening is performed in the office and takes about an hour. It’s a great choice for busy people or if you have a special event coming up and need to look your best fast!

At-home whitening if you want to whiten at a time of your own choosing; you will receive a kit containing custom-made trays and gel with everything you need to whiten safely at home. At-home is a great choice for people who want privacy and the ability to whiten at their own pace.

Professional teeth whitening can whiten your smile up to 8 shades, and your new white smile can last as long as 5 years! To find out more about professional teeth whitening call Dr. Stone in Wayne, PA. Call today and be proud of your smile!


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